2019 Fundraising Cash Back Percentage Change

When our fundraising program began in 2007, we could never have anticipated that it would experience the tremendous growth it has. We generously offered a 25% give back in the beginning, but as the program grew we needed to increase our support and resources and had to reduce that amount to cover those costs. Since 2013 our give back has been 20% and we have continued to see incredible growth in the participation of our fundraising program. 

For 2019, we have made the decision to decrease the give back to 15% in order to ensure we are able to continue providing the best customer service, resources and elegant evergreen holiday decorations fundraising program available. We understand that change can often be bittersweet, and we hope that this change will not affect anyone's desire to participate in our program.

We value each and every one of the groups that have allowed us to help them raise funds for their various causes since 2007, and sincerely hope growth will continue and more groups will choose to be part of one of the best holiday evergreen fundraising programs in the nation. 

As Henry Rosso said, “Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” Without all of the wonderful people out there who work to raise funds for those in need, there would be no Lynch Creek Farm Fundraising Team. We thank you for your hard work, your desire to help others, and your willingness to dedicate your time to the worthy causes you represent. It is an honor and a privilege to work alongside you as one by one you become catalysts in changing our world.

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