You can invite team members to join the campaign when you initially set it up, although we suggest that you add them after the beneficiary (payment) information for the campaign is submitted. The Teammates option is helpful if the sales of each fundraiser needs to be tracked.  Here are the steps:

1) Click MEMBERS (1) on your campaign home page and then "Invite Teammates" (2)

2) You will be re-directed to the Invite teammates screen you saw during the set-up process. Here you are able to import your email addresses by adding them individually, via your email carrier address book, by downloading a CSV file of your team member emails, or a few other options. You also have the option to click CUSTOM to see a sample email that you can edit and send via your own email client. 

There will be a Fundraiser Invite Code that individuals will need to have in order to join as a team member, which should be included with any tool highlighted here.

Add a Teammate - Video