Uploading a picture is a great way to customize your campaign! Your picture is the first thing people will see when they arrive on your campaign page or see it shared on Facebook, so be sure to choose a photo that will capture your audience. 

If privacy prohibits you from using an image of people, that’s ok! Think of using a logo, a picture of facilities (i.e. a school building or playground), or animals. If you do not have a suitable image, let us know and we will upload one of our beautiful product pictures for you.

To upload a picture, go to your campaign home page and click GUIDE (under the Donate Now button) and then "Add team photo and description". From there, click on the Camera icon on the default picture, then upload the desired image. The recommended picture dimension is 800 by 600 pixels (4:3 aspect ratio). 

To adjust your photo so it shows up correctly, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to www.pixlr.com/e/ and upload the image to be used. 
  2. Click "Image" from the top options and then "Canvas size". 
  3. Make sure you click the center square to make it blue (the upper left corner is the default) so that your image is centered within the new canvas, and make it a 400 width/300 height size. If your photo is larger than this, you can use higher denominations such as 800/600 or 1200/900. 
  4. When you are done click "File" at the top and then "Save", and choose .png format for best quality. 
  5. Now your photo should fit!

Only the fundraising coordinator (the person who created the online campaign page) or a member of the LCF Fundraising Team can add or modify the photo.

Change Photo - Video