A Beneficiary is the specific recipient of the payout check, and should be an organization (or place within an organization) NOT an individual. If there is a need for the profit check to be made out to an individual, we will need to speak with you by phone as these are approved on a case by case basis.

Enter the Beneficiary information by clicking GUIDE (under the Donate Now button on your campaign home page) and then "Submit payment information". Until this information is submitted to and approved by the LCF Fundraising Team, your campaign will not be activated and your supporters will be unable to shop or donate. 

How to add Beneficiary Information - Video

To avoid delays in funds being released at the end of the season, it is important that the Beneficiary information is accurate. If at any point during the season this information needs to be updated or corrected, the fundraiser coordinator will need to contact the LCF Fundraising Department at 1-888-426-0781 ext. 3 or fundraising@lynchcreekfarm.com to request the necessary changes. Returned checks, or changes in Beneficiary information after payment has been issued, will result in a $40 fee.