You can invite team members to join the campaign if you would like to track the sales of each participant individually. Teammates are those who help to promote and bring in support for the fundraising campaign, just like teammates on a sports team all working towards achieving a shared goal. 

Here are the steps for inviting teammates:

1) Click MEMBERS on your campaign home page

2)  Then "Invite Teammates" 

3) A popup window will appear. The most important information here is the Team Code and the link provided. You can customize the rest of the email however you would like. If you click on Edit & Send it will redirect you to outlook. If you do not use Outlook, you can copy and paste into your own email provider. 

4) In order to become a Teammate, each person will need to create an account on the fundraising site using the email the campaign coordinator used to invite them. 

5) To obtain individual Teammate links, please contact the Fundraising Team. 

 Email: ATTN: Fundraising or call us at 888-426-0781. 

Alternatively, each teammate will be listed in a drop down menu once the Shop Online button has been clicked. In order to access the dropdown menu, you cannot be logged into your account. If you are logged in, the purchase will automatically credit your account. This applies to the campaign coordinator (the creator) and all other teammates.