Determining a goal is a crucial part of setting your fundraiser up for success - you don’t want to be unrealistic, but you also don’t want to sell yourself short! 

These three questions may help you in deciding on what your goal should be:   

  1. What are you fundraising for & how much will it cost? How much money does your group need to raise?  
  2. How long will you be running your Fundraising Campaign? Your goal should be realistic for the time frame you choose.    
  3. How many people do you anticipate joining your fundraising team? Your overall goal should reflect the total of what the whole team is capable of raising.

When you set up your campaign, the fundraising goal defaults to $1000. To change this, click GUIDE on your campaign home page (under the Donate Now button) and then "Add team photo and description". Scroll down to find the fundraising goal field directly above the Save Changes button.

Pro Tip: Your supporters appreciate seeing that you're close to reaching your goal or have attained your goal, as opposed to a long road ahead. Consider setting your goal lower in the beginning and raising it as you go along.