There are a few avenues to support a Fundraising Campaign:

  1. Follow the direct link provided to you by the fundraiser via email, social media or a printed flyer.
  2. Go to, click "Find a Fundraiser", type all or part of the campaign name or ID#, and then click on the fundraiser you wish to support.
  3. Chat with us through or send an email to and we will get you the link and/or campaign ID#.
  4. Call us at 888-426-0781 and we can give you the information or just place the order over the phone. We just need to know which campaign you'd like to contribute to and if your order should be credited to a specific individual. 
  5. Place your order via and add the campaign ID# in the shopping cart via the "Supporting a Fundraiser?" box:
If you place an order without the fundraising information, you can contact us utilizing any method above with your order # and the campaign name or ID# you would like it credited to and we will make sure your order contributes appropriately. If your order should be credited to a specific individual, we can do that as well.