We recommend that you hang your wreath or swag outside because fresh air extends the life of the natural product. Climate and direct sunlight drastically affect how long your evergreens will last. Hanging your wreath or swag in a cool location with a good amount of shade will help it live longer. In a cool climate out of direct sunlight, our wreaths and swags can last 6 weeks or more when spritzed regularly.

Some customers really want their wreath or swag inside their home, and that is understandable. When placed indoors, they will last about 3 weeks with proper care. 

Wreaths and swags absorb moisture through their cut ends. To increase the health and lifespan of your wreath or swag, spritz the back with water every 2-3 days. Evergreens will drink the water, and you will find your wreath or swag to be more fragrant and last longer.

All greenery should be kept away from heat sources that may dry them out such as direct sunlight, heat vents, and open flames. Always keep evergreens away from ignition sources.