Lynch Creek Farm evergreens are the freshest around, made from living plant material retrieved from the forests of the Pacific Northwest. These wreaths, centerpieces, mini-trees, and garland will last an incredibly long time, but the lifespan does vary depending on a few factors.

We have customers consistently tell us that their wreath has lasted well into Spring. The biggest factor on the lifespan of your wreath is the climate in which you are located. 

Customers in colder, more northern climates can easily have their wreaths last through to the new year. 

Customers in warmer, more southern climates will have wreaths that last, at the very least, more than a month.

Location, or wreath placement, will also have an effect on the longevity of your wreath. Lynch Creek Farm wreaths are living, breathing products that require fresh air to survive. If you place your wreath inside your home, they will last about 3 weeks. Outdoors, the wreath will last approximately 4-6 weeks with regular watering.

Finally, the lifespan of your evergreen product can be prolonged by spraying the back of your wreath with water every few days to maintain moisture. In short, Lynch Creek Farm evergreens will last you considerably longer than our competitors' products, but the lifespan can vary greatly from customer to customer.