Lynch Creek Farm centerpieces are designed and constructed by a group of some of the most dedicated and hard-working craftspeople in the business. We would be nothing without their commitment to artisan quality.

Construction begins when our fresh evergreen boughs are inserted expertly into a block of wet floral foam. Each base centerpiece of evergreens is spot checked to ensure that they are overflowing with fresh boughs and meet our highest standards.

These base centerpieces are then taken to the design area, where a handful of skilled craftspeople insert all the decorations by hand. Once again checked for quality, the centerpieces are sent out to the shipping line, where they are securely placed in a festive scarlet or green box for delivery.

This process of handcrafting and quality control by talented individuals is a key to the success of Lynch Creek Farm. Our centerpieces are unique! Nothing like buying a centerpiece from a big box store. Check out our YouTube video of one of our centerpieces being constructed and decorated!