When placing your order you select a Ship Date (when the item leaves us) and a Shipping Method (Free Ground or Paid Expedited) and then you are shown an Approximate Arrival Date. This is calculated using the typical transit time for the destination + shipping method. 

This map illustrates typical transit times from our location in Western Washington state (yellow area) to all destinations in the contiguous U.S. via our UPS Free Ground Shipping (HI & AK require Paid Expedited shipping). Simply locate on the map where your item is to be delivered, and use the Transit Days color legend to determine approximately how many days it will take to arrive. The day your item ships out from us, weekends, and holidays, are not included in the transit days.

For example, an item going to Colorado typically spends about 3 days in transit. This means that if the item leaves us on Wednesday, it's approximate arrival would be the following Tuesday. The 3 Transit Days would be Thursday, Friday and Monday.

Additionally, items that are sent via our Free Ground Shipping may ship out up to 3 business days before or after the Ship Date that was selected when the order was placed. As a result, the Approximate Arrival Date shown at that time may also be adjusted by up to 3 business days. 

The delivery times of shipments that are being sent with an Expedited method will be shipped and delivered in accordance with the service that was selected (Next Day Air, 2 Day, or 3 Day delivery). Please note that UPS no longer guarantees its Expedited Services.

A Note About UPS Delays: Adverse weather conditions can sometimes delay deliveries. Most of the time our carrier gets it right, but every once in awhile they run into weather conditions that are beyond their control. In addition, a very busy holiday season can occasionally lengthen delivery times for UPS. Thank you so much for being flexible and understanding if a package takes a little long to be delivered! We know UPS is working hard and doing their very best to get our fresh evergreens delivered to everyone's homes.