Your Size Guide To Lynch Creek Farm Wreaths

Whether you are looking to add a splash of color to your living space or celebrate the changing of the seasons, a natural wreath is a unique, sustainable way to display the beauty of nature closer to home.

Our wreaths here at Lynch Creek Farm vary in size, allowing you the versatility to make your wreath a statement piece or an accent to decor you may already have. But, which size is right for you? How does our collection of Dried Floral Wreaths compare to the fresh evergreen wreaths you know and love?

While the majority of our fresh evergreen wreaths, available during the fall and winter, are offered in 26” diameter and 32” diameter sizes, our dried floral wreaths can range anywhere from 10” to 22”, depending on the style. Our newest fresh wreath, Sweet Huck, is available in both 20” diameter and 26” diameter, similarly sized to our holiday collection. 

With so many sizes to choose from, it is important to note the amount of space that you have for displaying the wreath, and if you’re going to pair it with your existing decor. Break out the tape measurer and read along to explore our different wreaths to decide which will work best for you!

Dried Floral Wreaths

Ranging from 18” to 22”, our Dried Floral Wreath collection offers a variety of colors and textures to brighten your space and observe spring, summer, or fall. These wreaths are recommended for indoor use and are generally smaller than the majority of our fresh evergreen wreaths. To minimize contact with the delicate dried flowers and promote longevity, consider displaying these wreaths on a wall in the home. We also recommend keeping them away and heat sources and direct sunlight. This way, they will keep their beautiful color and shape longer. 

Gift Sets and Duets

We offer several gift sets and “duets” that include smaller sized wreaths. These 10” dried wreaths, comparable to the size of a salad plate, are miniature and sweet, making them the perfect pairing for an existing style. It also makes them more versatile, as they can be displayed in a wider variety of locations in the home including smaller spaces such as bathrooms and entryways. Our gift sets, the Larkspur Love Gift Set and the Lavender Delight Gift Set, include  wreaths that are accompanied by an 11” bouquet to match the wreath. You may decide to add these sets to the foundation of your decor, pairing them with a statement piece to hone in a look that is both dressed up and dressed down. 

For something of similar size, but with a bigger impact, check out the Sunflower Duet! With the contrasting colors of the navy blue bow and the bright sunflower yellow, these wreaths are sure to catch attention. Pair them together or separately to welcome the warmth of spring and summer.

Sweet Huck Wreaths

Native to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, sweet huckleberry is a beautiful shrub with bright green branches and leaves. Available in both 20” and 26” diameters, our simple Sweet Huck wreath can accent a wide variety of personal styles. As the wreath slowly dries out, the green branches will shift to a rustic brown, much like the changing seasons, to provide a new look as time goes on. 

Comparable to our fresh evergreen wreaths, we carefully hand assemble this local greenery to create our new fresh Sweet Huck wreath, making it the perfect wreath for decorating outdoors or indoors. 

Looking for a wreath to add to your front door? This fresh wreath can withstand humidity and will be transformed by sunlight. By choosing the 26” option, you are choosing the size recommended for the average front door.

Fresh Evergreen Wreaths

Nothing represents the holiday season more than the fresh smell of Douglas fir, pine, and cedar, and no place does it better than the Pacific Northwest forests. Sustainably gathered and carefully handcrafted, our live evergreen wreaths are sure to make an impact on your living space. Did you know we offer our holiday collection in various sizes too? 

There is no place for a wreath like your front door. To choose the perfect size for your door, consider the type of door you have and how big of a statement you’d like your wreath to make. Our 26” wreaths are designed to perfectly fit a the standard front door. So, choose this size wreath if you have a regular front door. For larger doors, fences, and barns, you may choose to opt for a 32” wreath. Our largest sized wreath, this one makes an amazing statement!

If you have a smaller space or are looking to hang your wreath on a window in your home, check out our 18” Window Wreath, available with a Bright Red bow or a Burgundy Bow to match your style. For something simple, but slightly larger, the 22” Olympic Mountain Berry wreath combines Douglas fir, cedar, and one of our hand-tied, red bows. These classic wreath designs are still sure to attract the attention of your guests, but do not take up too much space.


Regardless of wreath size, each wreath is beautifully hand-crafted and sure to bring fresh color to your home! With so many sizes and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the wreath that fits you and your space. Check us out year-round for wreaths that are a timeless reminder of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.