Our beautiful dried floral wreaths are all-natural and crafted by hand with real flowers, fruits, herbs, grasses, and other natural plants. All of the plant materials are grown, collected by hand, and naturally dried. A few of the plants are preserved in clear, natural glycerin so that they keep their beautiful shape and color. These include myrtle, spiral eucalyptus, silver dollar leaves and salal leaves.

Once the botanicals have dried, they are hand-assembled and made into the beautiful and unique designs we offer. A few wreath designs have materials that have been dyed with all-natural vegetable-sourced pigments to add a splash of beautiful color to the wreath. They are safe to touch and not harmful to the environment. Because every wreath is completely hand-crafted, no two are exactly alike. 

This beautiful collection of floral wreaths is handmade exclusively for us by a wonderful, small family-owned business we have partnered with. They grow, harvest, and dry all of the botanicals for the floral wreaths and bouquets on their own farm and handcraft them into the elegant products we offer in a manner that matches our own commitment to sustainability and to making the highest quality products available.