To add or edit addresses you will first need to be logged into your account. Once there you will click "View Addresses" to open your Address Book. There you can "Add a New Address", click "Edit" to make changes to an existing address, or you can click "Delete" to erase an address. 

If you have never logged into or created an account, you can create one here using the email associated with your past order(s). 

New addresses will only be saved while placing an order if you are logged into your account. 

HOW TO SET YOUR BILLING ADDRESS: The address with "(DEFAULT ADDRESS)" after the name is what our system recognizes as your billing address. You can reassign this by clicking the "Edit" button beneath your billing address and then checking the box next to "Set as Default Address" and then clicking the "Update Address" button, OR, adding your billing address and then checking the "Set as Default Address" box before saving it.