We offer several styles of beautiful white LED string lights that can be easily added to our wreaths, centerpieces, tabletop trees, and garland. These are available to bundle with your purchase of an evergreen product.

IMPORTANT: Lights are included with your evergreen item in a small box and are not pre-installed on our products. They are very easy to apply! When using them with a wreath, simply tuck them into the greenery all the way around the front of the wreath and put the battery pack behind the wreath so it's not visible. With centerpieces and tabletop trees, gently wrap the lights around the product, tucking the lights into the greenery and placing the box under the lower branches out of sight. It's that simple! 

Our classic string lights are the White Wreath Lights. These lights add a delicate sparkle and come with 30 lights on an ultra-slim 96" wire. 

We also offer our best selling Crackle Wreath Lights. This strand of lights is 120 inches long with 30 warm-white globe-shaped lights. The small plastic globes have a "crackled glass" effect that add elegance and extra dazzle! 

Our other lights option are the Fire Cracker Lights. These lights have a unique shape resembling a string of traditional firecrackers with the lights coming off the sides of a center strand. They have an amazing 100 lights on a 5 ft strand creating a stunning effect that is bright and super festive!

All of our lights are LED and a warm white color which is perfect for the holidays. They come with built in timers so the lights can be set to come on the same time everyday (and welcome you home!). They all require batteries that are not included.