Wild Pacific salmon varieties vary in color, flavor, and texture. Our salmon offerings include Sockeye, King, Coho, and Pink. All are deliciously smoked with flavors that vary by variety.

Sockeye salmon is famous for its deep red color. The taste is wonderfully flavorful, rich, and robust. The meat has a medium flake and is very moist. We offer Sockeye salmon in the following products: Wild Alaskan Sockeye Smoked Salmon - 1 lb, in our Smoked Salmon Trio, and in our Party in a Box. Sockeye is Seabear Smokehouse's signature flavor, and we highly recommend it for it's distintive, rich flavor.

King salmon (also called Chinook salmon) is famously moist and succulent. It has an orange-reddish color and firm texture. The meat has large flakes and is mild in flavor. We offer King salmon as part of our Party in a Box.

Coho salmon (also called Silver salmon) has a wonderfully delicate flavor. Orange in color with a medium to large flake, it has a firm texture and is quite moist. Our Smoked Salmon Trio contains Coho salmon.

Pink salmon (sometimes referred to as Humpies) has a light color, tender texture, and small flake. It has a very light, delicate, tuna-like flavor. It is offered in our Smoked Salmon Trio and in our Party in a Box.