If you haven’t received your package in the timeframe you expected, please be sure to first check the order’s tracking information to see where it is. The tracking number can be found in the email you received from Lynch Creek Farm when the order was shipped, and you can also find it in your account order history.

Sometimes, UPS can take an extra day or two to make a delivery, especially during winter weather and the busy holiday season. 

If UPS tracking shows that the package was delivered LESS THAN 24 hours ago, please look on and around your front and back porch and ask any neighbors if they may have received the package for you. This time of year, UPS hires temporary workers to help out and sometimes they do things a little differently than the usual drivers. 

If UPS tracking shows that the package was delivered MORE THAN 24 hours ago, and you (or the gift recipient) are still unable to locate it, please contact us as detailed below.

Our customer service team is dedicated to making things right! If you need help locating your order shipment and none of the above information is helping, please reach out to us by email at staff@lynchcreekfarm.com, chat with us here by clicking the back arrow in this window until you see "Have Questions? We can help!", or give us a call at (888) 426-0781. 

If you believe it's possible that the package was stolen after delivery and you would like to resend the item, we may suggest that you provide us with an alternate address to send the replacement. It can be to a friend or neighbor’s address or an office address.